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When it comes to jewelry and accessories, trends come and go every season. Some are short-lived, while others, like a diamond tennis bracelet, never go out of style. One classic style of earring that has stood the test of time and spanned generations is sterling silver hoop earrings. They’re just as stylish and beloved today as they were decades ago. Here’s why sterling silver hoops should be your new favorite accessory.

They’re Versatile

There are very few pieces in your jewelry box that quite literally go with everything in your closet. Sterling silver hoops are appropriate for any occasion. You can dress them up and wear them to a wedding or slip them on and add stackable bracelets for a night out on the town. They look just as good in the board room as they do in the coffee shop.

They Never Go Out of Style

Sterling silver hoops are a go-to style for women of all ages. They’re so timeless that it’s very likely that your mother and grandmother owned several pairs. They’ve been a staple piece in women’s jewelry collections for decades, and this classic accessory isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

They Come in Many Designs

One thing sterling silver hoops are not is boring! While you can opt for classic thin metal hoops, today, there are a huge array of different designs available. Jewelry designers have elevated the traditional design, adding embellishments and special detailing. When you’re looking for a new pair to add to your collection, explore the many designs, like:


  • Twisted metal
  • Double and triple hoops
  • Hoops encrusted with diamonds, gems, and pearls
  • Hammered silver
  • Chains
  • Unique shapes
  • Textured finishes

No matter which design you choose, sterling silver hoops are a tried and true style that you can make your own.

There are Many Sizes

Sterling silver hoops come in every size imaginable. You can find petite, tiny hoops that hug your earlobes, large hoops that brush your shoulders, and everything in between. They come in bold, thick tubes or delicate thin hoops. Whether you want to be daring and make a statement with the largest hoops you can find or stick with something more traditional, with the right confidence, you’ll be unstoppable.

They Fit Any Style

One reason for the long-lasting popularity of sterling silver hoops is that they can fit into any style. Whether you’re a fashionista or a minimalist, a fan of athleisure or eclectic styles, hoop earrings are a foolproof accessory that suits any and all wardrobes.

They Look Good on Everyone

Sterling silver hoops are flattering on everyone. They draw attention to your face, complimenting your jawline and cheekbones. There’s a style of hoop earrings for every face shape. Have a round face? Go for hoops that are thinner and smaller, with an angular or geometric shape. Square faces with strong jawlines are complemented best by oversized hoops and more petite styles. With a heart-shaped face, try thicker, tubular hoops. Those with a slender, oval face shape should choose thicker and smaller earrings to add width. But, at the end of the day, if you’re drawn to a specific style or design, go for it and let your personality shine!

They Fit Any Budget

The global jewelry market is valued at nearly $350 billion per year. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on a nice pair of sterling silver hoops! You can find them in the cases of top jewelry stores or online marketplaces at an assortment of price points. No matter how much you want to spend, you’re bound to find a pair that fits both your style and your budget.

They Make a Great Gift

Whether you’re searching for a gift for your wife, girlfriend, or gal pal, you’ll never go wrong with a pair of sterling silver hoops. No matter the occasion, hoops are the perfect present for every woman. You can even have hoops personalized at some places to make a truly meaningful gift the recipient will cherish forever.

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