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LeoDaniels offers a full range of jewelry repair services including custom work and appraisals.

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Custom Jewelry- We have a creative and skilled team to help you design the perfect piece for any occasion.  Do you need to update a hand-me-down ring or want to switch from yellow gold to white gold?  We can work with you to find something beautifully unique while also keeping it within budget.

Jewelry Cleaning- Wearing jewelry causes buildup on gemstones and metals.  We use a professional ultrasonic cleaner and steamer to get your jewelry sparkling like new.

Jewelry Resizing– Finger sizes change and so does a ring’s owner.  We want to make sure that your ring is always comfortable and secure on your hand.  Our goldsmiths can resize all precious metals.

Jewelry Repairs- We know that enjoying your jewelry eventually causes wear and tear.  Depending on the severity, we tighten stones, re-tip prongs, repair clasps, and much more.

Replating- Many metals are plated for extra color and shine.  After a time, this plating wears off.  Replating can bring new life to your jewelry making it look as good as new again.

Personalizing Jewelry- Need to add initials or a date to a special piece of jewelry?  We can engrave on most sized jewelry.  This is an extra added touch that is great for weddings, graduations, and other special occasions.

Pearl Restringing- Need to update or repair a pearl strand?  Over time the silk strands that hold pearls can get stretched out, dirty and weak.  Our goldsmiths can restring your pearls to preserve them or you can even try a new style!

Jewelry Appraisal- Our in-house Graduate Gemologist can assess gemstones, diamonds, and finished jewelry and prepare a written appraisal for estate or insurance purposes.

Watch Repair- We offer battery and crystal replacement, band adjustments along with more complex work.

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