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More often than not, when we think about jewelry, our immediate association is jewelry for women. From traditional marriage proposals fit with dreamy engagement rings, diamond anniversary bands and birthing gifts for new moms, there are so many lifecycle events that are marked with gifting jewelry to lucky women everywhere.  Jewelry for men, on the other hand, has largely been limited to wristwatches or the occasional pair of cufflinks for the groom on his wedding day.

Interestingly enough, this wasn’t always the case. There were times throughout history when it was customary for men to be more bedazzled than women. Precious gems and metals adorned men from Ancient Egypt and Greece and through the Middle Ages in Europe, as symbols of status, as part of wartime gear and even for reasons of superstition.

Like everything else, styles and fashion norms change with the times.  While wristwatches and special occasion cufflinks have remained a constant accessory for men in modern times, designers are no longer limiting themselves to just these classics. Nowadays, jewelry artisans have been creating more masculine and unisex styles for jewelry items across the board. What were once considered accessories reserved only for fashion forward celebrities, rock stars and rappers are fast becoming more and more mainstream for men everywhere.

Bracelets made from rubber, leather, precious metals and even beads are mixed and stacked on men’s arms in today’s latest fashion trends.  The same goes for chains and necklaces, mixing different types of chains from different materials both with and without pendants. Men no longer need to lean on the excuse of class rings or wedding bands alone to enjoy wearing rings. Simple and sleek cylindrical bands made from stone, marble and precious metals have become common ring styles for men. Some incorporate black diamonds and other gemstones in the rings with personalized engravings.  As far as earrings go, diamond studs, as has been made popular by the mega athletes of our times, is still a favorite look among many. Gold, silver and diamond hoops are also a popular choice.

But let’s face it. Classics are called such for a reason and this is why cufflinks and watches are the main accessories you’ll find in his bureau. A perfectly pressed shirt with a pair of cufflinks will forever be a look of sophistication that conjures up nostalgia for the days of the Rat Pack and supper clubs. Cufflinks give the entire ensemble an instant and more polished upgrade. Today you can find a huge range of cufflink styles from artsy and whimsical to lavish and elegant. Initials, geometric designs, vintage cufflinks and even unique bespoke cufflinks can be made especially for the perfect man and the perfect look.

A major reflection of a man’s style has always been his wristwatch. Chunky, sleek, sporty or elegant, many men have a few on hand to fit the occasion. Besides the functionality of time telling, watch styles have become so vast over the years making it easy to mix and match them with whatever look they’re donning each day.  This is why it’s a perfect go-to Father’s Day gift, graduation, retirement or birthday gift. Many watches come with interchangeable bands and faces too so you can switch from a leather watchband to a link metal one and go from a sporty look to an elegant look in a flash.

Our taste in jewelry and accessories is an outward expression of our inner aesthetic.  Statement of style isn’t limited to either gender. Whether their style is classic, artsy, trendy or contemporary, there are so many great jewelry pieces for men to choose from, making it a perfect gift for your favorite guy.

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