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The Heart of Jaipur 

With the explosion in popularity of antique gemstone jewelry, the old has become new again, and jewelry lovers are embracing not only the beauty but also the history, uniqueness and culture behind their jewels. As such, the intricate allure of Indian gemstone jewelry is experiencing a renaissance among fine jewelry lovers today. The cutting, carving, trade and creation of gemstone adornment dates back more than 5,000 years to the Indus Valley (in what is now Pakistan and northwest India). The epicenter of this bright and beautiful period was the cities of Jaipur and Mughal, where the lapidary arts were exploding with intricate and innovative jewelry design, tools and techniques.   

Emeralds in particular have long been revered by Indian emperors and royalty. For centuries, this striking stone has been associated with power, affluence, social status, beauty and religious symbolism. Famous Indian emeralds include the Taj Mahal emerald as well as a stunning 380.89-carat octagonal Mughal emerald acquired by Jacques Cartier in 1911, which is now on display at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. These pieces are beautiful representations of ancient Indian jewelry design, which tended toward baroque motifs of nature, religious iconography and flowing geometric patterns.     

Now, modern artisans are breathing new life into the ancient art of gemstone carving, working a contemporary aesthetic into traditional Indian designs. Any jeweler worth his or her stones knows that an immaculately-carved precious gem — particularly an emerald — is a rare and beautiful find. If you’ve ever aspired to own a precious gemstone, this one-of-a-kind Jaipur creation offers both beauty and history. The deep-green emerald bijoux features delicate hearts and intricately-etched leaves swirling in symmetry with the curved lines of the piece. Fine detailing is showcased on both the front and the back of the stone, where all of the piece’s lines flow along with the heart’s contours. The emerald features a white gold setting and is framed by diamonds as delicate as its detailing. 

Now, you can wear a piece of history around your neck for a lovely and meaningful effect.  

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